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Amy Kurtz



For Health Coaching – Amy can be reached at :


What led you to become a colonic therapist?

After a perfect storm of health issues came raining down on me at the age of 25, I began my long, intense, and complex journey of healing chronic health issues and a severe motility disorder of my colon. Colonic Therapy was one of the techniques that allowed my body to detoxify the way that a healthy and uncompromised body is meant to. The effect it had on my life and my body was profound. The more I detoxed, the better I felt. And the rest is history! 🙂


What did you do before you became a colonic therapist? 

I am currently a private Holistic Health + Wellness Coach in addition to being a therapist. I have also worked alongside a prominent Doctor in NYC as the Health Coach for his practice. From my personal experience dealing with a slew of health conditions, I am also a professional patient and know how to navigate the healthcare landscape like a pro. 


What has been your greatest reward as a colonic therapist?

My greatest reward is helping people heal their health conditions, and holding the space for their quality of life to shift.


What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from this work?

I deeply believe in the power of self-care. When you give your body the support it needs to function at its highest level, the benefits are unlimited. 


What myth would you like to dispel about colonics?

That if you get colonics your colon will stop to work on its own. F-F-F-F-False