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DTX offers you steps and tools to obtain more energy, clarity and strength. We choose Gravity Colonics and Infrared Saunas because we believe they are, by far, the superior methods of cellular cleansing and rejuvenation.





Armando Fente


Truth Bomb: Going on a cleanse or juice fast isn’t necessarily detoxing your body because just drinking juice or eliminating some foods will only take care of one part of the detoxification process. True detoxing is a two-step process. Step #1 is loosening. Old waste is sitting in your body for a reason - it’s stuck. It needs some “soap” to loosen it up. Step #2 is removal. Once that hard matter has been loosened, it doesn’t always come out on it’s own. It often needs help. When someone does a juice cleanse or even just changes their diet for the better by removing or consuming less processed foods, meat, dairy etc., while adding more plant-based food and fresh juices, they will initiate the detox process. That means old toxins will be loosened from the digestive tract, organs, blood and tissue and directed to your organs of elimination for removal, primarily your colon and skin. When on a strict juice fast, the cessation of eating combined with the drinking of alkaline-rich fresh juice will speed up this “loosening” exponentially. But even then all you're guaranteeing to take place is Step #1 - the loosening. It’s not necessarily going to remove that waste and toxins from your body. Check the dictionary definition: “Detoxification - the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism.” The key word is removal. Something has to leave the body for de-toxing to occur.  Paying attention to "removal" becomes even more important because, over our many years of practice, we’ve noticed that most people “go” less on a cleanse than they normally do. And, please do not fall into the erroneous thinking that, “I haven’t been eating for a few days, so what can possibly be in my intestines?” A lot. Trust us. We’ve worked with thousands of clients on cleanses over the years and never has one of them been “empty”. So, you see, unless you get this stuff out, you’ve really haven’t detoxed.

So, how do you achieve Step #2?

By increasing your outflow. This is where colon therapy and infrared saunas come to the rescue. Colonics are a fantastic way to help your system get rid of cellular debris aka ‘waste’. When you clear the main evacuation highway known as your colon, your entire system benefits. You start to feel lighter, clearer, and healthier.  Another great way to increase your outflow is through infrared sauna. Your skin is your largest organ and it needs to rid itself of the environmental pollution that accumulates in it. The sweat that leaves your body from an infrared sauna session will carry out all kinds of toxins and chemicals that are stored deep in the fat tissue, blood stream and organs. Teaming both, colonics and infrared sauna, as part of your detox regimen will make all of your efforts truly worth it.

The DTX team is here to answer any questions you may have. 

Happy DTX-ing!