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Colon Therapist Training

DTX  training in gravity method colon hydrotherapy is a way to learn more about your body or strengthen your skill as a therapist.  Whether you’ve had some training or not, this hands-on focused training is an amazing opportunity to grow and learn how to work with any body type or symptom that may come up in your practice.

You’ll be guided and trained by DTX co-founders, Cindy Suarez and Armando Fente, who have over 20 years experience and have worked with thousands of clients in NYC, as well as consulting other colonic businesses.

The DTX training will include, but not limited to:

  • Learning about Equipment.
  • Practical: Insertion, creating a rhythmic pulse that helps the colon release gas and matter, understanding what you see and feel in session so that you can use that information to better serve the client.
  • Massage: Abdominal.
  • Client room set up.
  • New client explanation: You’ll need to learn how to explain the session to a new client and help reduce concerns or fears they may have about colonics.
  • Lifestyle: Diet, stress: How these relate to colonic.
  • Therapist: demeanor, professional language, presentation, cleanliness, self-care.


New Training Weekend Coming Soon!

Please call 212-644-1040 or send us a message to inquire about signing up!