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Mavon Caldwell



What led you to become a colonic therapist?

I dealt with illness and depression from an early age; Illness took the form of chronic infections and hormonal imbalances. I sought out ways to treat and cope with these issues, and was also desperate to understand why symptoms were manifesting. My experiences taught me there are many ways to heal, but colonic hydrotherapy and dietary changes galvanized the momentum of my healing process at a time when little else seemed to help. The lifestyle gave me more access to inward focus and my body’s own healing capacity. 


What did you do before you became a colonic therapist?

I was a student (still am today) and pursued a dance career. 


What has been your greatest reward as a colonic therapist? 

Witnessing change and evolution in others. This happens on a physical level of course, but it is extraordinary to see emotional and energetic shifts happen once the body is open. It takes courage to wake up and face yourself. It is rewarding to be present for people when consciousness shifts or awakens in places where previously there was numbness, sensory amnesia, denial, or disassociation. 


What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from this work?

Colonics and a reciprocal lifestyle are one of many portals into a deeper physical awareness, and they help to cultivate a mind-body connection. It is a revealing process. Removing obstruction from the body in the form of waste and toxic overload often leads us to confront the patterns and behaviors that allowed them to accumulate there. Ridding ourselves of symptoms or illness is not the end game. It is about understanding root causes and getting down to the guts of what harms us or what heals us. The body provides a map showing where energy is obstructed, and the obstructions show up in all other areas of life. Shifting on a physical level often has a cascading affect on the other facets of existence.  


What myth would you like to dispel about colonics?

There are many myths and misunderstandings about colonics. Those myths are born out judgments made ahead of or in total absence of personal, physical experience. What I try to convey most often to people is that colon hydrotherapy and deep tissue cleansing have the same principles as any other physical practice – it is a process that deepens with time, consistency, and repetition. The condition of the body is cumulative and dynamic – an accumulation of your choices over time and always changing. The process of unraveling obstruction or shifting a physical state is equally cumulative. With time and patience the possibilities and potential of the body are staggering.