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226 East 54th Street #606
New York, NY, 10022
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DTX offers you steps and tools to obtain more energy, clarity and strength. We choose Gravity Colonics and Infrared Saunas because we believe they are, by far, the superior methods of cellular cleansing and rejuvenation.

Policies & Etiquette


We are by appointment only. We find this helps maintain an intimate and private environment for our clients. 

We charge in full for no shows or appointments changed, canceled or rescheduled under 24-hour notice.  

Please know we do our best to rebook the slot before charging for a missed appointment.  

Thank you for your understanding. 


Colon Therapy Etiquette

Each client is responsible for providing accurate health information, helping us maintain professional standards and utilizing the cover provided for each session.


Infrared Sauna Etiquette

We ask that each client help us maintain the standard of cleanliness by refraining form using oils in the cabin. Please be fully dressed before leaving the sauna room and entering the main waiting area.