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Price List


SINGLE SAUNA (60 mins) – $50


Colon Hydrotherapy

10pk Colon Hydrotherapy – $1250 

5pk Colon Hydrotherapy – $650 

Infrared Sauna

10 pk Infrared Sauna – $400 

5pk Infrared Sauna – $225

To purchase call 212-644-1040, email, or fill out contact form below now!

Don’t Forget! All packages are SHARABLE, so bring a cleanse buddy and share the DTX detox experience!


Give someone you love the healthy gift of DTX! Gift cards are available for purchase over the phone 212-644-1040, by email or in person.

Just call 212-644-1040 our office or fill out the contact form below to purchase, book a session or just ask a question!