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DTX offers you steps and tools to obtain more energy, clarity and strength. We choose Gravity Colonics and Infrared Saunas because we believe they are, by far, the superior methods of cellular cleansing and rejuvenation.

Vania Bencosme


What led you to become a colonic therapist?

A combination of fortunate ‘coincidences’ first as a client, experiencing the benefits of colonics. These results lead me to research colon health and to later get certified as colonic therapist. I come from a healing family, as lived by my grandfather (MD, Master herbalist), father & brother (MD).


What did you do before you became a colonic therapist? 

I was a Thai body work practitioner.


What has been your greatest reward as a colonic therapist? 

 To quietly observe healing in the making.


What is the most valuable lesson you've learned from this work?

 To be continually reminded of each person’s uniqueness; and that balance is such a practical life philosophy.


What myth would you like to dispel about colonics?

 The idea that colonics are painful, invasive, messy and complicated.