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Trace Mineral Drops

The human body requires dozens of minerals to function at optimum speed.

Unfortunately, many Americans aren’t able to get these basic building blocks for the body.

Your lack of minerals isn’t your fault.

Years and years of over-farming the soil have leached the minerals from the ground, thus robbing the foods grown in these soils of life-sustaining minerals.

Apples today contain up to 2/3 less iron than they did in 1940. Spinach contains 53% less potassium. Across the board, numerous fruits and veggies have lost minerals.

The Bottom Line:
It’s time to supplement your diet with a daily mineral supplement.

What makes Dr Morter’s Trace Minerals unique?”

Loaded with 77 important minerals
Unique 60,000,000 year old plant-sourced mineral deposit
High bio-availability in liquid colloidal suspension

Unlike many Trace Mineral products, Dr Morter’s are Plant-Derived Trace Minerals, which have a higher bio-availability than most other trace minerals products.

You see, not all minerals are the same. Many trace minerals come from evaporated sea water.  Thus, these minerals are simply tiny pieces of rock. (or the technical term – inorganic minerals).

It’s silly to eat rocks for minerals. Your body just can’t digest them!

Instead, you want to consume plant-derived minerals. These minerals the body CAN digest.

Plants perform a very vital function to humans. They can absorb minerals from the rocks in the soil and restructure them into what’s called organic minerals (not organic like the farming method, but organic like the chemical structure). Humans CAN readily and effectively use these plant-derived minerals.

Therefore, Dr Morter creates his trace minerals using only organic, plant-source minerals.

And just what can these trace minerals do for you?

Here is a partial list of what trace minerals can influence within your body:

  • Oxygen levels and delivery
  • The utilization of life sustaining proteins
  • A healthy reproductive system
  • The proper burning of glucose within the body
  • Body development and growth
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Body temperature
  • Antioxidant protection from free radicals
  • Enzyme production
  • Blood building
  • Mental and nerve electrical transmissions
  • Immune system protection
  • Muscle coordination
  • Fighting premature aging

price: $22

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