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Colonics in NYC



DTX Gravity-Method Colonics are an exceptional holistic colon cleansing treatment that gently flushes waste and gas from the colon. Simply put, it’s like giving your colon a bath. A session is typically about 45-50 minutes and is administered by a DTX and Woods Gravity certified colonic therapist.

What Are Gravity Method Colonics?

The Woods Gravity Method, also known as colon hydrotherapy, uses gravity for the flow of water instead of pressure, machines, or electricity. This is a manual and natural colon therapy that is gentle, relaxing, and encourages feedback and dialogue between the client and hydrotherapist. At DTX Cellular Evolution, we focus our colonic sessions on the outflow rather than the input of water.

The gravity method colonic is the original and most natural way to perform a colon cleanse because it allows the body to heal itself by ridding the colon of toxin build-up with the natural forces of water and gravity. Although many clients are nervous for their first colonic therapy session, most people say that the process was much easier than they expected and that the therapy session felt relaxing and rejuvenating.

What You Can Expect from a Gravity Colonics Treatment

Your gravity colonic begins by undressing from the waist down, wearing a gown for privacy, and reclining on a cushioned table. To supply the gravity-powered water, this colonic process utilizes a five-gallon tank of warm water that is suspended three feet above the treatment table. A lubricated, stainless steel, and sterile speculum is inserted into the rectum to allow water to flow into the body and bathe the colon. The attending certified hydrotherapist will gently massage the abdomen to improve the flow and comfort level, while colon waste moves out of the body through a closed tube.

To get the most detoxification effects out of your colon hydrotherapy, we couple colonics with dietary suggestions because we want everyone to have the best colonic experience possible. The inclusion of fresh vegetable juices and food combining principles into your diet will help your body loosen the gas and toxins in the colon. The colon hydrotherapy treatments will support detoxing and cleansing by rinsing the emulsified waste out of your colon.

Colonics cleansing room
Inside a Colonics cleansing room

Why We Need Colonics

At DTX, we believe that colonics and holistic lifestyle choices provide the best method for healing and cleansing our bodies, and for preventing illness and imbalance caused by poor diet. It is important to understand that the colon is not separate from the rest of our body. The state of the colon’s tissue impacts the efficacy of all other organ function. A bowel overloaded with accumulated fecal matter, toxicity, and inflammation causes stress on other organs and systems in our bodies, creating an opportunity for symptoms and disease to manifest.

When our body is overwhelmed with toxins, it will seek ways to relieve itself by creating symptoms such as: acne, asthma, eczema, migraines, colds, sinus infections, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and organ failure. This is our colon’s way of communicating that help is required to empty the waste build-up in order to function without further duress on the colon, bowels, intestines, and rest of the digestive system. If the waste and pollutants stay in our bodies, they travel through the bloodstream and accumulate in other systems: nervous, respiratory, integumentary (skin), muscular, and reproductive. When the toxins are removed from our body, as through the process of colon irrigation, bowel mobility improves, blood flows more efficiently, symptoms dissipate, and supreme health and joy are experienced.

With the application of colonics, a gradual shift in diet, and careful consideration of the level of health we previously fostered, we can relieve minor symptoms and potentially heal life-threatening diseases. Over time (and often immediately after a colonic session) you will experience mental clarity, increased energy, good digestion, and a balanced nervous system.

Who Can Benefit from a Colon Cleanse

People of all ages and physical fitness can benefit from this type of colon cleanse to help heal health problems. The root of many illnesses is due to the fermentation caused by waste and gas trapped in the colon. By releasing these waste products and gently flowing them out of the colon, you can embark on a journey towards better overall health. We particularly recommend gravity-method colonics for clients who are experiencing bloating, constipation, fatigue, moodiness, skin issues, sugar cravings, and weight management issues.

Colonic Prices at DTX NYC: 

Colonic Hydrotherapy Single Session: $155

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*All colonic packages are shareable and have a 3 month expiration date.

As a holistic colon hydrotherapy practice located in New York City, DTX Cellular Evolution has a staff of colon therapists who have diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives on the cleansing and detoxing lifestyle. We have firsthand knowledge about the power and efficacy of colon hydrotherapy through personal experience with our own bodies. Our colon hydrotherapists are dedicated and engaged in the lifestyle, and are here to support your exploration of a healthier way of living starting with a healthy colon!