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Infrared Sauna FAQs


Remember that infrared sauna therapy is about cellular detoxification and regeneration. It is helpful to consider the following tips so that you can have the best detoxification possible.

  • Hydrate before and after sauna session.
  • Eating well allows your body to detoxify efficiently.
  • Have clean skin that is free of chemicals, creams and self-tanners before entering.
  • You may need to build your tolerance so if you feel done at 20 minutes, no worries, the infrared waves have done their job.  You can gradually build to 40 minutes.



  1. Does DTX offer showers?  Yes we do. We have two sauna rooms, each equipped with Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna cabin, private shower, organic shampoo, conditioner and body wash, mirror, seat and fresh towels.
  2. How often and how long can I have a session?  It is safe to stay in sauna 30-45 minutes and have a sauna.  We give you the sauna room for one hour, enough time to sweat and shower. You can sauna often as you’d like.
  3. What should I do while having my sauna session?  Relax, meditate, and read.  We suggest BYO – books or magazines. We’d love to provide but would have to throw away after each client.
  4. Do you have a blow dryer? No. We’re sorry. The use of blow dryers in sauna rooms shorts our electrical system.  But, you can bring your own and use it in the rest rooms in the hallway.
  5. Do you have skin care products or hair products for after the session? Not yet! Please bring your own hair, face and body products to use after your session.
  6. What do I wear in the sauna?  You can wear a bathing suit or nothing. We provide a clean towel to sit on.
  7. Can I still have a sauna session if I have my menstrual cycle? Absolutely! You may want to wear a bathing suit bottom with a panty liner to insure that the towel does not gather menstrual fluid.  Or let us know and we’ll give you additional disposable item to place over towel that you’ll be sitting on. Thanks for your consideration. 🙂
  8. What do I do if I feel sick or queasy?  Stay calm and step out of the sauna, sit in the chair provided in your room, breathe, place your head between your knees if necessary. You’ll find that your body will begin to stabilize and cool down.  You can also call the front desk from your phone, so that you don’t have to open the door and we will come into room and help you if needed.

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