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Intuitive Coaching/Meditation

Cindy Suarez, DTX Co-Founder, Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Meditation Teacher

Having  a clear vision of what you want and why you want it can sometimes feel like you’re chasing a ball down hill.  You almost have it but it’s just out of your reach, leaving you feeling frustrated and frazzled.  I get it!  But that downhill chase can shift to a level playing field where you are the master of your game.  That’s where I come in to help you clear sabotaging patterns, gain your clarity of vision and build your manifesting mojo.  Getting clear means you have to be willing to clean up the habits and beliefs that hold you back from the life you desire.  I’ve helped clients heal patterns developed from childhood traumas to issues like exhaustion, depression, overeating, self sabotage and more. I’ve learned that when we connect to a higher vibration within ourselves our focus gets clearer, we have an easier time manifesting the careers, homelife, relationships and money that we want.  Clear it!  So you can have it all!

Here’s to falling in love with your life!

I look forward to working with you,



Single coaching/energy healing session  $200/hr

Visualization to manifest meditation $200/hr

3 month energy healing and manifesting:  This is perfect for you if you are committed to correcting/creating in a particular area of your life like, money, relationship and health. We’ll be meditating, clearing self imposed limits, building your clarity and manifesting mojo, designing your weekly habits and strengthening your tools to navigate daily life.

  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Energy healing sessions: Varies depending on needs/goals
  • Visualizing meditation lessons

Total: $3000

Monthly Auto payments: $1000