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Cellular Evolution is the DTX philosophy of creating a happy, healthier life through physical, mental and spiritual practices. It is the journey to an evolved and sophisticated cellular state where you experience constant, progressive, improvement in your health and well-being. We believe in dealing with the root causes, not just symptoms and that means dealing with the most basic building blocks of our body – our cells. We are made up 37.2 trillion of them!

In our modern, industrial society, optimal health cannot be achieved by exercise and good nutrition alone. Cleansing is key. Today, we are all constantly bombarded by a whole host of environmental toxins. Contrary to what many believe, these toxins (not to mention the residue from poor food choices!) do not all get eliminated naturally. They are deposited in our digestive tract, tissue, organs, blood and cells. Eventually one’s system gets overloaded and illness or certain symptoms manifest. Cellular Evolution is the process of helping your cells, through proper eating, detoxifying tools and meditation, get rid of these poisons and return your cells to their strongest and healthiest versions of themselves, thus restoring our bodies to a peak health state.

So, if you are suffering from weight issues, fatigue, skin problems, depression, or any other health problems, Cellular Evolution can help you return to a healthier, more enjoyable, energetic, happy life.