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Cindy Suarez



What lead you to create DTX/cellular evolution?

The journey began in 2000 when I was a client experiencing great benefits from an alkalizing diet and colon therapy.  I realized that this would be my method of health upkeep and then I became a therapist in 2001.  In 2006 I co-owned LYT for 7 years and in 2013 it was time to create DTX.  I love providing a center that’s intimate, offers clients a respite from the NYC hustle and provides services that are outside of the typical spa treatment.  Hence DTX, a modern, tranquil, clean and friendly environment where clients come to cleanse and heal at the cellular level. 

What has been your greatest reward as a colonic therapist and the owner of DTX?

As a therapist it’s really awesome to hear people excited about feeling better and reversing chronic issues.  I love that we are a part of the equation for people when they think of things they need to do to help them feel better. As the owner of DTX it’s really cool to see a group of therapists come together with focus on serving the client, maintaining a supportive environment which leads to the harmony that many clients find at our office.

What myth would you like to dispel about colonics?

This therapy is not only for those in crisis.  This is an amazing way to maintain health, learn more about the body you live in and increase your vibrant energy.