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DTX offers you steps and tools to obtain more energy, clarity and strength. We choose Gravity Colonics and Infrared Saunas because we believe they are, by far, the superior methods of cellular cleansing and rejuvenation.

Price List

Single Colonic: $140

Single Sauna: $50

Fall Super-Special Packages!


$1150 - 10pk COLONICS (savings $250)


 $625 - 5pk COLONICS (savings $75)


  $350 - 10pk SAUNAS (savings $150)


  $200 - 5pk SAUNAS (savings $50)


* Please note that the Super-Special has increased slightly to match

our price increase in June, but it's still a Super Savings!


All packages are sharable

No expiration date

No Refunds

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Offer expires Sept 30, 2017